Wayne Chase Woodside Rose guitar chord poster

Gtr_Poster_Lg_Image_1aOriginally authored by Wayne Chase and printed by Woodside Rose Press in Canada.  I purchased this poster over 25 years ago and have been looking for a reprint for a very long time.   It looks like it is now reprinted by Roedy Black Publishing, and offered on their website, How Music Really Works.

I know the Internet is full of guitar chord charts but this poster is the best I have ever come across. The information that is printed on this poster is very impressive.  The layout of the poster makes for a quick reference of diatonic chord progressions, starting with simple triads all the way to extended and altered chords, in all keys!

I can’t tell you how many times I have referenced this poster during a lesson.  It looks like it is offered as a printed download but I would recommend springing for the extra cash and get the actual poster. It looks great and having it on the wall in your practice room will be like having a full time, personal guitar instructor at your call, for the price of an hour long music lesson.



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