Studio Visitors Junior Barber Dobro Ace

DSC_5994Junior Barber, talented dobro player and founding member of the Gibson Brothers Band and currently touring with Beartracks.  Junior was voted Dobro Player of the Year for five years running by the International Bluegrass Musicians Association.  Junior has also been a much sought after studio veteran.

Above is the track , Sitting on Top of the World, that Junior recorded at The Addition Studio with Steve Light on Banjo.

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  1. Dear Mr barber, from 1988 to 1994 I was a lead singer- guitarist with Bob Fuller’s Blue Angel Ole Time Country Music Club of Canada band in Montreal ……In 1990- 91 you invited me to visit and record for you some Jimmie Rodgers songs at your studio….at the time a speciality of mine… the invitation came via Gilles PLante , a stringer for a national bluegrass newsletter and fellow member of the Blue Angel band………….For whatever reason I never did make the trip……. many from those days deceased or ill, but I think Bob F still survives as does the dobro player Bobby Hill. I moved on to Irish, early and world music but have followed an interest in blue grass and presently sing with two time juno award winning fiddler John Showman of the Foggy Hog Town Boys and Creaking String Quartet in Toronto…….I also write and sing with the new Shanty Singers group under fiddler James MacKie…….I have kept track of your work. with the Gibson Bros and Beartrack and congratulate you and wish you success with them. Thanks belatedly for your invitation to sing for you those many years ago.

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