Sierra Hull Mandolin Prodigy

sierrahull-largeSierra Hull. Talented 22 year old mandolin artist.

I was rattling off the names of a few mandolin virtuosos for a young mandolin student to watch and listen to when it hit me!  Wow, I was naming players of my generation or even older.  She added the name Sierra Hull, and happy that I was familiar with her, I agreed and told her to add that name to the list!

To my credit I mentioned Chris Thile, but at 33 years of age Chris is no longer the wunderkind in the mandolin world.

Sierra holding court (and holding her own!) with some mando masters as they improvise on the classic…. Redwing

2 thoughts on “Sierra Hull Mandolin Prodigy”

  1. I love watching pros try to one up each other. Is it me or does Sierra seem to have a bit more of a country twang sound when she plays?

    1. I do hear a lot of differences in the individual playing. Sierra has a relax approach but just as technically proficient on the mandolin as the others. Of course tone is a big factor which again is most likely technique than the build of the instrument.

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