Its all about the rhythm and good timing

th84REKH1ZIts all about rhythm and timing.  Words I hear myself saying over and over again.  My students must be tired of hearing it, but its the truth.  The sooner one gets it under the belt the more fun they will have. There is absolutely no way around this one.  If a student on guitar or mandolin seems challenged in this area, I feel its best to send them home with this assignment:  Go to the music store and purchase a cheap metronome, drum sticks and a practice pad and report back to me!

th8PTI3Y0HHaving played drums and percussion instruments in concert, symphonic and marching band through high school, I know what an advantage good rhythmic skills brings to any instrument.  The other thing that I promote is to play along with some favorite recordings, even if it means only tapping out the rhythm with your hands, feet or any other appendage that you like to swing with.

Dancers have an edge here as well. If you are a good dancer, you obviously can discern the beat and know how to move with it.  Its really that simple yet it seems to be the biggest stumbling block to new students.  So….if you want to take up any instrument , do yourself a big favor and buy some drum sticks, shaker, bongos, claves  or whatever you feel you need to find the rhythm and free your soul.  Can I hear an Amen!


2 thoughts on “Its all about the rhythm and good timing”

    1. Wow! That’s pretty cool. I know that a lot of notable musicians that have inspired me, had drumming in their backgrounds.

      Helping students with rhythm issues can be difficult. When I mention dancing, it seems like the light bulb turns on and there is a new way of hearing music. I wonder how many people could be helped by such a simple, new way of looking at timing and rhythm.

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