Mike Lewandowski Percussionist

ROX9E08Studio Visitor  Mike Lewandowski

Percussionist Mike Lewandowski is an accomplished, drummer, composer and educator.  Mike is a veteran musician working in the North Country music scene and has sat behind the drum kit in many jazz ensembles, orchestras and regional bands, including the Adirondack Jazz Orchestra, The Latin Funk Thugtet and Zip City Blues.

Mike currently teaches at the Alburgh School in Vermont.

Below is an example of one of Mike’s compositions, “Fizzy” , that he recorded at The Addition Studio along with Jack Woulfe (piano) and Russ Mulvey (bass).  Very fine brush work indeed!


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  1. Skip runs a great studio nestled in the pristine woods of Auger Lake. The day Fizzy was recorded we also recorded 4 or 5 other tracks all in the same day. Once Skip set up the board and adjusted the recording levels, we just went from there. When I listened to the final mastered product I was amazed, Skip really brought out the sounds of each instrument. The tracks were all well-balanced and full of depth!

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