Mandolin Master Mike Marshall Live Mando Workshop From ArtistWorks


Mandolin Master Mike Marshall will be hosting a live presentation from his Online Mandolin School series.  There will be something for every mandolin enthusiast to enjoy. It’s a free fun-packed hour of mandolin magic with a special event membership discount, baseball caps for participants, and much more.

Those not familiar with Mike should check out his recordings with David Grisman,  Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck, Chris Thile, Mark O’Conner and YoYo Ma.  That’s just naming a few!  This mando man has an amazing discography.

I really like his laid back approach to teaching all things mandolin, especially his tips on technic and good practicing habits. Hey, all you mandolin students out there, this is required viewing!

The live stream happens July 9th.  More info here..


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