Les Paul’s country cousin Chet

A young Chet Atkins performing Sandman from a TV show circa 1954.   Guitar buddies to the end.  In the mid 70’s the guitar greats collaborated on the Grammy Award winning, RCA recording, Chester and Lester.  You can hear the use of the tape deck generated slap back echo which Les was very fond of using and instrumental in developing.  No doubt in my mind that the two guitarists learned a trick or two from one another. Pretty cool……….


5 thoughts on “Les Paul’s country cousin Chet”

    1. Yeah, It really is. The thing that struck me was how close the tone and effect was to Les Paul’s sound.

  1. That is a great album Mike, I had forgotten about that collaboration. It was also a dynamite recording and may have been an early digital to disc transfer. All I remember is it sounded great. Will have to find my LP!

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