JBL L60T Studio Monitors for the Living Room


JBL L60T Loudspeakers.

I made a few good decisions early on with my purchases of audio equipment.  These handsome loudspeakers are definitely one of those.  In the early 80’s, JBL was fond of repackaging their series of true studio monitors for the listener at home.


This series included the L20T, L80T and L100T.  All excellent choices. They all included JBL’s infamous 035Ti tweeter. This titanium tweeter went on to be a staple for many of their speakers, and for good reason….


The 035Ti tweeter is bulletproof and has a very wide frequency curve which enabled it to be used in many speaker configurations. The cabinets are real wood veneer and have stood up very well over thirty years of use.  The downside?  The foam surrounds on the woofer.  JBL used the foam to allow high compliance and maximum excursion. This allows the relatively small woofer to manufacture and deliver some amazing bass frequencies.  The 116H 8″ woofer foam surrounds rotted after a dozen years of use and needed to be repaired.  Kits are widely available to do this and many pro repair centers can still re-foam for reasonable prices.

Its propensity for strong bass is also helped by its rear bass port. The downside is it needs to be placed away from any back walls to keep the low bass from being overwheming .  Although designed to be floor standing, placing the L60T on stands off the flood make for a much cleaner, better-defined, bass response.



I will admit, I have always been fascinated by loudspeakers and have listened to my fair share, including some very esoteric brands.  Great loudspeakers can deliver the emotional impact of a  live performance.  I must say the L60T has done this for me many times, for many years.





15 thoughts on “JBL L60T Studio Monitors for the Living Room”

  1. Skip is not kidding around. I recall him once playing back a mix for me on these speakers and being almost startled by the vocal when it came in. It was so real and so clear I thought the singer had walked into the room and started singing right next to me.

    1. I have never felt the need to. The bass response is very respectable considering the woofers 8″ size. It really depends on how these speakers are located. Keep them from corners and away from the back wall a bit and they provided a very clear and musical bass note.

    1. Thanks! The stands are custom made by A&M Fabrication. There is a link on the home page of this site on the right hand side as you scroll down. They do very nice work and the stands look fantastic.

  2. Just set them on (stolen) milk crates, with a square of corrugated cardboard under the speakers. Sounds just as good, I’ll bet.

  3. Bought a brand new pair here in the UK after a jaw dropping audition and have loved them ever since. The soundstage has a real grip and the bass drops so effortlessly low. They need some space to really sing and a move to a smaller home means they will reluctantly have to go. They need refoaming: should I do this before offering up for sale is the dilemma……
    On the upside I’ve got a pair of L20Ts to replace them with.

  4. Your right about the L60T needing some space Clive. They need to be away from the back wall as well and placing them off the floor just a bit ,will really tightened up the bass. Definitely worth re-foaming but have it done professionally! Too bad you have to let them go, but the L20t’s are fantastic small monitors. I still use mine in the studio every day!

  5. I am currently refoaming mine that I purchased as an open box item back in 1988 or 89. The process is tedious but I’m going very slowly. I hope they sound as good as I remember them sounding about 15 years ago.

    It was a great purchase. I got lucky as I couldn’t afford them brand new in the box.

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Good for you forging ahead with the re-foam. You should be fine and going slow is the best way forward. The JBL L60T speakers are well worth the effort. I remember purchasing mine in the early 80’s and it was a big step for me as they were not inexpensive! Great that you got a good deal. So nice to make a purchase that has lasted as long as these loudspeakers have and nice knowing that they are still holding their own today. Let us know how the re-foaming goes!

      1. The defoaming went fine. The scary part was the final step where you center the cone as you glue the outer edge of the surrounds to the frame of the speaker. I used the smartphone tone generator method and all went well. Actually, the cone was so well supported by the spider and it’s stiffness that I don’t think it was really necessary.

        It’s taken some time to get used to listening to floor speakers again after so long but I’m now back into it.

        Very nice speakers.

  6. I bought my L60’s from a Boeing engineer who had made his own free air speakers and was letting them go. I have found that the L60’s are amazingly non fatiguing. I have had many Bose, KEF, Altec…you name it, and these little speakers have them beat. I think that the extended cross over between the tweet and the 8, actually makes them a better speaker. They are extremely smooth and balanced and I find the midrange perfect.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I have had them since the ’80s and I have no need to replace them with anything. I will say that getting them off the floor about a foot on stands seem to tighten the bass response along with keeping those rear ports away from the back wall a bit. Great loudspeakers!

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