How high is the moon les? Les Paul and Mary ford

Great old video showing Les Paul and Mary Ford performing “How High the Moon” while listening to previously track vocals and guitars.  Check out the reel to reel tape machines playing back the tracks to their headphones.  We get to monitor what they are listening to and their performance at the same time.  I cannot believe how much we owe Les and Mary for the birth of multi tracking!   I grew up minutes away from the suburban, Mahwah, New Jersey home where, hunkered down in the basement, Les tinkered and built his audio equivalent of the Holy Grail! 


The DVD, Chasing the Sound, is a great film that documents the life and times of this great musician and inventor.  His passion for playing the guitar and building the better musical mouse trap is just a joy to witness.  Watching his face in the previous video, you can see the excitement and intensity that Les Paul carried throughout his career.  Always outspoken about what he was passionate about and  never apologetic about his proud opinions  on all things musical and mechanical.  Boy, what I wouldn’t do to go back in time and knock on that basement door……..


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