Fender Precision Bass on a Budget

image-0 I picked up a used Fender Precision bass from a small on-line music shop a while back and was downright floored with the build and quality of this instrument from south of the border.  I shelled out two hundred and twenty five dollars for a handsome, black finished, like new bass, complete with padded gig cover.  It was delivered to me,  via the UPS man, from a frustrated young man who gave up learning the instrument. Leo Fender                                                           Leo  Fender

I’m not sure who to thank, talented crafts people , CNC machinery, or great quality control, but this is a beauty. Maple neck with some nice flame, choice piece of rosewood for the fingerboard, perfect frets and decent tuners round out a great axe.  I am not overly familiar with electric bass pick-ups so this an area I am not qualified to critique,  but it sounds just fine when used to record with in the studio.

I have had most of the professional bass players take a look while in the studio and all seemed quite impressed, especially given the cost of admission.  I had one bass player who favored it over his own!  So, looking to learn or outfit your studio with a nice Fender bass?  Get down to your local music shop and tell them to find you one made in Mexico. They are not difficult to acquire and tell them that Leo sent you….




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