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Levon Helm Mandolin Drummer


Levon Helm.  No need to introduce this gentleman.  Besides being one of my drumming influences, he also introduced the mandolin  into the  Americana/Roots/Rock  music scene with The Band.


Levon’s influence on me was so great that when I chose the finish on my first Ludwig drum kit it was Sky Blue Pearl, similar to a kit Levon was using!   The other thing I identified with?

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Its all about the rhythm and good timing

th84REKH1ZIts all about rhythm and timing.  Words I hear myself saying over and over again.  My students must be tired of hearing it, but its the truth.  The sooner one gets it under the belt the more fun they will have. There is absolutely no way around this one.  If a student on guitar or mandolin seems challenged in this area, I feel its best to send them home with this assignment:  Go to the music store and purchase a cheap metronome, drum sticks and a practice pad and report back to me! Continue reading Its all about the rhythm and good timing