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Kenny Burrell and Midnight Blue

kenny-burrell-blue-midnight-1963One of my big influences (and countless others) when it comes to the blue side of jazz is Kenny Burrell.  His 1967 album, Midnight Blue is virtually a blues primer for guitarists.  I wished I had stumbled onto Mr. Burrell as a younger student of blues guitar.  It wasn’t until I started teaching myself the fundamentals of jazz that I picked up this album. Continue reading Kenny Burrell and Midnight Blue

Elton John tumbleweed connection

thU3VRK33EElton John released his second album,Tumbleweed Connection in 1970.  It was my introduction to Elton and his lyricist,  Bernie Taupin.  Not knowing who Elton was, I remember first being drawn to the album cover art. A very monochromatic, sepia tone,  photo of an old country train station. The atmosphere of the photo, is very reminiscent of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young album,  Deja Vu , which came out earlier the very same year.

I have been listening to a well done re-recording of the original master tape mixes and have come to a couple of conclusions. Continue reading Elton John tumbleweed connection

Dave Brubeck Take Five

take5I have an autographed copy of a fairly old pressing of this Dave Brubeck Quartet album, Take Five. However it is not as old as the original which was released in 7 inch format in 1959. Long playing record and a long story to tell.  Since I would have been three years old at the time this recording was made, I did not witness Mr. Brubeck sign his signature on this Columbia Record label recording.  Therefore I only have someone else’s memories and provenance to vouch for it’s authenticity.   Continue reading Dave Brubeck Take Five

Stan Getz Bossa Nova Anyone?

220px-Getz-gilbertoAs a youngster I was fortunate to hear this classic Stan Getz album played often on my Dad’s stereo. Although not an audiophile by definition, my Dad always had decent audio equipment. I know this to be true because I was always taking it apart to find out how it all worked!  This was my first exposure to the cool,  rhythmic qualities of bossa nova. This album was released in 1964 and became one of the best selling jazz albums of all time. I most likely have my Mom to thank (a professional dancer in her younger years) for having it in the record album collection.

Anyone else have this recording as an early musical influence?