Stan Getz Bossa Nova Anyone?

220px-Getz-gilbertoAs a youngster I was fortunate to hear this classic Stan Getz album played often on my Dad’s stereo. Although not an audiophile by definition, my Dad always had decent audio equipment. I know this to be true because I was always taking it apart to find out how it all worked!  This was my first exposure to the cool,  rhythmic qualities of bossa nova. This album was released in 1964 and became one of the best selling jazz albums of all time. I most likely have my Mom to thank (a professional dancer in her younger years) for having it in the record album collection.

Anyone else have this recording as an early musical influence?

6 thoughts on “Stan Getz Bossa Nova Anyone?”

  1. Yeah, Watermelon man is a great song! That is actually a Herbie Hancock composition written in 1962. Mongo Santamaría’s version was a bit more “pop” sounding but great as well.

  2. Man, that’s a great album. In fact, it was next to my turntable when I read your review. What great recording quality they had. Space and reverb to die for, an awesome sound. Was that some kind of studio signature style from NY or was it everywhere?

  3. The Verve recording was recorded in NYC according to album credits but its been frustrating that I have not been able to find which studio Verve opted to record this at. If anyone knows I would love to post it. What is interesting is that Phil Ramone was the engineer on the recording! Here is some info on Astrud, Gilberto’s wife and her role in the now infamous vocal to this recording.

    Check out this video of a some what uncomfortable looking Astrud singing the hit along with a subdued performance with Stan Getz and accompanying band.

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