Bob Dylan reinvents film noir and Frank Sinatra with Shadows in the Night

bob-dylan-shadows-in-the-nightBob Dylan   Shadows in the Night

Leave it to Mister Dylan to create big music news with a nod to the past, tried and true.  I don’t know about you, but I never saw this coming….If, while dining out with friends, someone said, ” I think Bob Dylan should do an album full of romantic pop tunes,  already covered by artists like…..oh….I don’t know,….. maybe Frank Sinatra,”  I would be shaking my head, laughing,  while trying to recover from a major spit-take.

Hard to imagine this scenario, but, yes, it is true.  Why?  Jeez…I don’t have a clue.  Is it any good?   Honestly…….I don’t have a clue.  I do not think I have recovered from figuring out “why” long enough to properly digest the songs and their content.


I will say that whoever was involved with pairing down what would normally be a large “big band” orchestra to a 5 piece touring band deserves some kind of music award!  I think the success with that very fact has allowed  Dylan to at least attempt to pull off what might seem to be the impossibly absurd .

This video released by CBS has me equally tongue tied.  I suppose the 73 year old troubadour should be able to do whatever he damn well chooses .  And so he has………………….

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