Audiophiles Take Notice

P1020557I remember when these gleaming silver beauties were first being imported to the States in the late ‘60’s and through the 70’s.  The reason I remember, is that even at a young age,  I was into reproducing recorded music to the best of my ability (and my allowance).   The thing was I could never afford them!

Fast forward several decades and the tables have turned.   There is a huge gap in the States when it comes to buying good audio gear.   Gone are the affordable, well-built amps and receivers that used to be available to the average discerning listener.  Why?  Because we listen to music from laptops, MP3 players and cell phones with ear buds and speakers the size of bottle caps.  OK…………..I won’t go there, but if any of you out there still want to listen to music even remotely like it was actually recorded to sound like, then find some of this “vintage” gear before they become museum pieces.

In order to find gear this well made you now have to join the ranks of the “high end” audiophiles with “high end “ salaries.   Today’s high end audio equipment doesn’t come cheap.  Found this classic Yamaha CA-810 for very cheap and had it refurbished for a very reasonable amount by Hudson Valley Hi-Fi.    To buy todays equivalent you would have to…….well you most likely would have to sell a guitar or two.

4 thoughts on “Audiophiles Take Notice”

  1. Gives me a ton of pride seeing that amp on the shelf in your studio. Too many of these gems are ending up in landfills everyday and like you say in your post they are from a different era of entertainment. That amp retailed for over $400 in the late 70’s which was no easy price tag. The quality however shows that after over 30 years all it needed was a good refreshing of its electronics. Best of luck with the new site it looks great.

    1. Thanks Mike, I appreciate your thoughts. Look forward to including you in our posts. Congrats on the new addition to the family!

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