Apple ITunes, IPod and instant music gratification

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I know……….you’ve heard it before, but spring is slow to get here and I have been thinking about this again.  I have also been going through my vinyl collection, trying to weed out all the albums I feel I can let go.  Between my wife and me, there is quite a collection that takes up a bus load of space.  This post really isn’t another digital vs analog rant, but more a reflection of where listening to LP’s has taken me this time…..So, the turntable is once again set up in the studio, and, when time permits, I have been re-listening to albums, especially to ones I think I can pass on to others.   My first impression of this process?  Boy…it takes time!


But hey, this is turning out to be a blessing.  I have to pat myself on the back for taking care of my records, as most of them still sound great.  I am also glad I invested in a great turntable just before the whole digital era arrived.  I have also noticed that I am taking time to actually LISTEN to the music.  It has become a little ritual, so to speak.   Some of this is nostalgic, no doubt,  but I am really enjoying taking a thirty minute break from life, with its  pressing chores and really listening how wonderful music can sound. Not just the rich, dynamic, analog delivery but also the mechanical, deliberate process of picking an album,  setting it up on the turntable, dropping the tone arm, and hearing the music that follows from that physical involvement.


I have done my share of listening to music files on computer.  I am not immune to the convenience:  the easy, instant accessibility,  along with thousands of music choices to select from.  I find, however, that I am really enjoying the deliberate, specific selection of an album, looking at the cover art and recording information provided.  Thanks to the liner notes and credits, I am reading about where and by whom the recording was made along with other information about the production.  I get to see who else is playing and supporting the artist on the recording.  Somehow, this experience makes me feel a bit more connected to what I am listening to.


Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t go there but I just can’t help myself…….but, it’s true………  the vinyl also sounds fantastic when played through good analog equipment, something that, in the name of convenience, has almost become extinct.


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  1. It’s the difference between listening to music as an activity in itself and listening to music while you’re doing something else, with the LP you can’t take it with you on the go

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