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In this age of corporate everything, its nice to come across this alternative that hasn’t been swallowed up by the Clear Channel Radio monopoly.  Enter Acoustic Café. A great source of New Acoustic Music.  Having grown up with FM radio, I miss the fidelity that a good receiver/tuner brings to the discerning ear.  Streaming from computer is finally catching up to the old analog alternative with flac and other higher resolution MP3 files but the majority of compressed music streaming still leaves a lot to be desired in the audio quality department.

Acoustic Café is one of the few radio stations still having an independent production not affiliated with a university or corporate broadcaster.  Started in the early ’90s, Rob Reinhart  started his attempt to promote the popularity of the “unplugged ” trend that was happening at that time.  Since then, it has grown to be heard on about 80 stations, plus worldwide on Voice Of America. If you are among the savvy few still receiving FM stereo over the airwaves, the website has a listing of stations that carry the show.  If not, then they also have an archive of past shows that you can stream.

If you like the idea of listening to some great acoustic music from an independent source, check it out.



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