The Studio

This owner-operated studio is located near the Essex/Clinton county border in the Adirondack State Park of New York. This area is home to a diverse, eclectic and talented community of artists and musicians, many of whom have been visitors and performers at the studio.

The Addition Studio caters to small groups and individual musicians looking for a comfortable, intimate and encouraging atmosphere in which to work on their projects.

Studio time is booked by appointment only and can be done so at the bottom of this page.

The Addition Studio’s tracking room equipment is based on  24 track, digital hard disk recording systems supported by 24 bit resolution and sampling rates to 96 kHz. The studio utilizes both standalone and PC digital hard disk recorders with computer wave form editing programs.


The chosen front end of this system is based on time-tested analog console recording along with high quality, stand alone microphone preamplifiers, compressors and dynamic processors.


A variety of microphones, condenser and dynamic, are available for the appropriate applications. Four separate playback/monitoring systems are used in monitor and mixing operations.


Studio Equipment

Aphex EngineeringAKGFender
Applied Research and TechnologyAudio-TechnicaGibson
Audioarts EngineeringRodeLugwig
Grace DesignShure
MB Quart
TC Helicon


Gene White,     Oh! Betty,     Rick Davies,     Joan Crane,    Dogs of Jazz,     Howard Jennings,     Steve Waud,     Fred Lantz,     Beartracks Band,     Junior Barber,     Bruce Patenaude,     Santa Night,    Joe Clearly,     Michael Lewandowski,     Patti Casey,     Roy Hurd,    Steve Light,     Crossing North,     Zip City Blues,     Bryan Benway,    Kathryn Cramer,     Ted Cornell,     Herm Matlock,     Jack Woulfe,    John Cramer,     Jim Wade,     Kevin St. Germain,     Lee Adams

Engineer:  Skip Smithson

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7 thoughts on “The Studio”

  1. Had the great pleasure of recording a track for a wedding and loved the set up, relaxed yet professional atmosmosphere and most of all the finished product. I will be going back to record a demo soon. I can’t wait.

  2. The Addition Studio is an excellent place to work, offering a comfortable, professional atmosphere, highest quality, up to date equipment and Skip’s long experience and fine artistic sensibility. The results have been outstanding.

  3. While I have never used the studio for tracking, being from the NJ / NYC area, I have often sent tracks to Skip for mixing and mastering. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. Skip’s attention to detail and work ethic are unmatched. The result – a finished product with breathtaking sonic clarity, intimacy, and balance. In a world where the mindless application of preset plug-ins is commonplace, it is refreshing to work with someone who understands audio science and applies that knowledge with skill and artistry. Skip Smithson gets the job done and then some.

  4. I was fortunate enough to be able to record a PSA for Mr. Holland’s Opus (based in L.A) at the Addition Studio. My first impression was that this is a hidden gem near my hometown. I really enjoyed working with Skip, his equipment made me sound fantastic, and we had a nice time talking about the industry, as well as life. I would absolutely love to get in there again!

  5. Our experience at The Addition was a musician’s dream. Thanks for your tremendous enthusiasm, encouragement, effort, expertise, patience, and care in recording, mixing, and mastering our EP. Looking forward to coming back!

  6. Worked most of the week to get ready for a demo recording this Friday in a magical studio in a magical forest in Essex County bordering Auger Lake! Can’t wait!

  7. Skip runs a great studio nestled in the pristine Auger Lake. The day Fizzy was recorded we also recorded 4 or 5 other tracks all in the same day. Once Skip figured out the levels in the beginning we just went from there. When I listened to the final mastered product I was amazed, Skip really brought out the sounds of each instrument well-balanced and full of depth.

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