Yanuziello electric mandolin

I was fortunate to purchase one of these beautiful, handmade, electric mandolins from the maker, fairly early on in his career. The great thing about the purchase was that there was a personal collaboration between myself and Joe Yanuziello which made the experience something more memorable than just buying off the rack. The other thing that struck me as different was that it was a totally handcrafted instrument, including the metal bridge and saddle hardware!  The use of an old DeArmond pickup also intrigued me. Continue reading Yanuziello Electric Mandolin→

1920 Gibson A3 Orville’s bread and butter

IMG_3183The Gibson A3 mandolin. I was talking to our bass player last night at the gig and he mentioned picking up a mandolin to fool with.  This antique was my first real mando of any quality and it has survived a very long time.  This model was made back in the heyday of mandolin orchestras, when everyone had a mandolin laying around the parlor next to the piano. They were built well, with good materials and fine, if not utilitarian,  type craftsmanship. Continue reading 1920 Gibson A3 Orville’s bread and butter

Chuck berry and the Gibson ES 350 guitar

$_57Most of the photographs you see of Chuck Berry, he has a Gibson ES 335 model guitar slung over his shoulder, while doing his famous “duck walk” dance.   However one of my favorite photos of Mr. Berry was one that graced the cover of Smithsonian Magazine.  In that photo Chuck strikes his famous pose with a beautiful flamed maple topped Gibson ES 350T.   The ES 350  was put into production by Gibson in the late ’40s through the mid ’50s.  Essentially a modified earlier version ES 300.  Continue reading Chuck berry and the Gibson ES 350 guitar

Addition Studio and Tinfoil Rose Band CD “Between Here & Somewhere”


A new release from Jim Schmitt and the Tinfoil Rose Band has passed through the mastering equipment at The Addition Studio.  Jim is a veteran musician, songwriter,  and performer residing in Morris County, New Jersey, with early musical roots fronting rock bands in and around the “Jersey Shore” coastal regions of Asbury Park . Continue reading Addition Studio and Tinfoil Rose Band CD “Between Here & Somewhere”

You can pick your friends but…

P1020573Ok, I know many have heard this old chestnut:
A tourist is wandering around New York City when he stops and asks the store owner who is opening up shop for the day,” Do you know how I get to Carnegie Hall?  The busy shop owner hardly pauses to think about the question just asked to him and says “Yeah, practice, practice, practice!”

So what do I find as important as that obvious tip for improving technique for many guitar and mandolin players?  You’re looking at it.

The plectrum (or lowly “pick” )  can have a huge effect on one’s Continue reading You can pick your friends but…